Attention: Concerned Parents, Teachers and Administrators...

Are You A Concerned Parent Sending Your Child Back To School In Just A Few Days Or Weeks Where Bullies Loom Large, Waiting To Harass Your Child For Enjoyment As They Ruin Your Child's Confidence And Self Esteem?

This summer we've surveyed Kids Bowl Free parents asking them what else we could bring to your family that would be of value. We had lots of requests, but Anti - Bully Information was one of the most requested.

We've formed a partnership with the Verbal Defense & Influence Institute and Building Great Kids to help inform you on how to deal with this HOT topic.

We're going to conduct a FREE Tele-Seminar on August 17th - All you need to do is register by entering your email and first name below!

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Building Great Families One Child At A time
"A Parent's Guide To Verbal Self-Defense For Kids"
Five Simple Tools

By: Dr George Thompson & Scott Krenz
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School is right around the corner - Are your kids ready for the challenge?!

Kids face more problems in school today than at any time in the past- and the biggest issue is Bullying!

  • Kids are going to school scared!
  • Schools don't have the answers to the problem
  • This epidemic faces EVERY school in the country
  • There is nothing worse than watching your child suffer from being bullied and you don't know what to do to help.
  • Make sure your child doesn't become a bully magnet.
  • Learn why certain children are targeted
  • Children can learn to avoid being the victim and become the victor!
  • Develop a plan to deal with the problem- for both the child and the parent.

Train your Child! Arm them with the tools to become Bully Proof!

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On August 17, 2011 At 8 PM Est. / 7 PM Cst. / 6 PM Mnt. / 5 PM Pst.


Just Enter Your Email Address Below & We'll Register You To Attend The FREE Anti - Bullying Tele-Seminar On August 17th!

You'll Also Receive A FREE E-Book Just For Registering - A Value

Plus, You'll be entered to win some great prizes including the Manage Bullying DVD - A Value

About the presenters:

Scott D. Krenz

Scott has spent the last 30 years of his life working with over 25,000 children and families around the world, teaching self-defense, personal safety skills and life skills for personal growth. His programs and materials are used each year worldwide with over 1 million children and families.

He is the author of numerous books and handbooks designed to help build great children and families including "N'powering Kidz for Life" and "Building Confident Kids.

Scott is also an internationally recognized business consultant, motivational speaker, author, martial arts instructor and close-quarter combat instructor. Scott is a Master Instructor and holds a 7th degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is a lifelong martial artist. He began his training at the age of 10 and has been fortunate to travel around the world training with many of the finest instructors for more than 30 years.

Scott has a wealth of personal development, education and life experience to share with parents and children. Scott has dedicated much of his adult life to improving the lives of each person he meets in his schools, businesses or life.

His personal purpose statement highlights his dedication and commitment to learning, growing and building other people every day of his life: "Grow yourself. Build others. Be a leader, today!"


Master Chan Lee

Master Chan Lee believes that as long as a person is willing to push themselves, they will be successful, no matter what.

True to his own words, Lee has become a rapidly rising star, for his commitment to elevating professionalism and leadership within the martial arts industry.

In 2009, Lee approached Dr. George Thompson of the Verbal Defense & Influence Institute to translate Thompson's crisis communication methodology (which has been used by 1 million cops around the nation) for martial arts students. The resulting Verbal Martial Arts course is now taught in 200 academies, and is the first and only course within the martial arts industry that is credentialed by a college (in this case the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College).

A lifelong trainer and former Great Midwest Tae Kwon Do Champion, Lee oversees the training of 1,500 students at his five metro Milwaukee academies. He has coached numerous champions, and taught other athletes, such as the U.S. National Speed Skating Team and Big Ten college basketball teams.

Lee was chosen as the celebrity coach on MTV's MADE reality show in 2008, in which he transformed a sedentary teenager into a hardcore martial artist.

Today, Lee is in demand as a speaker and consultant to martial arts schools around the country. He was recently a featured speaker at the 2011 Martial Arts SuperShow in Las Vegas, championing the anti-bullying strategies he has taught within his academy, and to children within the community through after-school programs.

"For too long parents were coming into my academy, looking for answers to keep their children from the day-after-day agony of getting bullied," Lee says. "Being able to offer them street-tested, proven solutions has been a real breakthrough."