Registered Kids Receive 2 FREE Games Of Bowling Every Day All Summer Long Valued At Over $500 per child! Bowling centers, schools, and other community organizations work together to launch a super summer activity option for kids and families. Over 5.2 million kids have participated!

1. General Questions About the Kids Bowl Free Program

What are the dates and times this program is available?

Each bowling center has their dates and times posted in the right column on their registration page. To view a list of all the participating centers please click here.

What is the age limit for the kids?

Each bowling center posts the age requirement in the right column on their registration page. To view a list of all the participating centers please click here.

Does this also include shoe rental?

The bowling center posts their shoe policy in the right column of their registration page. Unless posted, you will need to contact the bowling center directly regarding the shoe rental prices. You may bring your own bowling shoes if you wish or purchase bowling shoes at the bowling center.

Can I sign up at more than one bowling center?

You can sign the kids at multiple centers but you will need to create another account. Only one unique email address can be used to open an account, so you will need to register with another email address.

I see the limit for each account is 6 kids, how can I add more?

You may add more kids, however you will need to create a new account using an alternate email address.

I was in the program last year and my login information is not working from last year?

We cannot automatically re-register families into the program. You will need to register again each season.

2. General Questions About the Family Pass

What are the details of the Family Pass?

The Family Pass was created to allow for adult family members to enjoy bowling throughout the summer as well. The Family Pass starts from $24.95 and includes 2 GAMES PER PERSON PER DAY.

The Family Pass covers up to 4 adult family members. You may have 1, 2, 3, or 4 adults on the family pass. The price of the pass covers all 4 members.

Does the Family Pass include the shoes, and when can I use this?

The family pass operates under the same conditions as posted on each registration page.

Can I buy the Family Pass later on?

Yes you can. You may purchase the family pass at anytime during the program.

3. Questions About My Account

I thought I bought a Family Pass but it is not on my account?

Immediately after your order we email the receipt if a family pass was purchased. You can also see a receipt in your online account. If you do not have a receipt then there is not a family pass on your account.

You may buy the pass and make sure you hit the orange button at the bottom that says "add family pass". Once you hit the button it will say "processing". Make sure you don't leave the page before this is complete.

Please sign back into your account at to purchase the pass.

Once the order goes through you will receive a receipt immediately via email.

How can I add more names to my coupons and/or Family Pass?

As long as you have open slots you may add more names. Please login at to add more names.

How do I fix a typo or delete someone from the coupons or Family Pass?

We allow a one-time change to your names. Once the names have been changed once, you can longer edit the names. Please login to your account, edit the names, and then click "update".

How do I change my email address with you?

You will need to login to your account and click "edit profile". You may then update your email address on this page.

Can I change bowling centers?

We only allow you to change bowling centers one time and up to 14 days after you join the program. You're not able to move your account to another center after 14 days. We understand that early in the summer you may have registered for the wrong center or may want to move for other reason, but we can’t transfer your account after 14 days of creating your account.

4. About Receiving the Coupons and Family Passes

When do I receive the coupons?

The "program start" and "program end" dates are listed on the bowling center registration page. You can sign up for the program before the start date, but the coupons and family passes will not be loaded into your account until the start date has occurred.

Once the program has begun, we will send you an email every Sunday morning that contains a link to your coupons and family passes for that week. It is not required that you view this email to print your coupons as your coupons are always in your account once the program has begun.

Simply login to your account at anytime once the program has started to print your coupons and family passes.

Do I need to print the coupons and bring them to the center?

Yes you will need to print the coupons and bring them with you.

Can I print from my iPad, iPhone or Tablet?

That depends on the printer that you are using and if you have it set up on your mobile device. If you can print other documents from your phone or tablet you can then print your coupons. This is a feature that we do not control, it’s dependent on your printer and your mobile device.

To contact our help desk, please visit: